SOFT GIRL - Digital Boy Lyrics

All grown up, he's still playing with toys
Keeps them lined up on his shelf
Not dusted, no regard for health
Roommate's gone, he's by himself
All wrapped up in mlp
This one's for the digital boy
Diet that's intended to destroy
At night he will never sleep
Stays up and chats and drinks and weeps
Go get some vitamin D
Isn't it strange how everyone leaves you behind?
You're starting to think they're probably right
Isn't it strange the way you make crushes cry?
You're starting to think, you're starting to fight
This one's for the digital boy
He needs a few more things he can enjoy
It's only february sixth
He's planning for a summer trip
He'll probably never stop mentioning it
This one's for the isolation game
Where you lose your friends but do not really change