Kanye West - Hurricane (Big Sean Version) (Ft. Big Sean) Lyrics

See this in 3D
'Fore life start for me
'Fore life start for me
Thoughts and thoughts to me
80 degrees
Warmin' up to me
I did it free
I did know, indeed
And I run out to sea
I can walk on the water
Honey, I want you
I can float on the water
Father, hold me close
Don't let me down
I know you won't
[Verse 1: Kanye West]
I chose not to be a slave
Dropped the Wave Runners, now we run the wave
Like we ain't have all the hood rats and mud rats
Like you ain't had 'em, good stats and all that
Nobody gon' ruin me
I just called my wife up, let's get Hoover free
I put all my ice up and my Louis V
I just copped my mom a crib, I'm back over East
Let me get your ear like Holyfield
From the home of Soldier Field
Coming home, that's how a soldier feels
All that killing over, that's just overkill
Yeezy back in the Chi, this that Oprah field
[Chorus: Kanye West]
See this in 3D
'Fore life start for me
'Fore life start for me
Thoughts and thoughts to me
80 degrees
Warmin' up to me
I did it free
I did know, indeed
And I run out to sea
I can walk on the water
Honey, I want you
I can float on the water
Father, hold me close
Don't let me down
I know you won't
[Verse 2: Big Sean]
Woah, woah, yeah, yeah
Look, my life is exciting as Dennis Rodman's (Woah)
Stars intertwine, my soul back in alignment
If we don't have the same vision, no point in exchanging contact (No)
Only ex I love running into is at the end of my contracts, yeah
Bottom line, I'm seeing through the mask of the fakes
Like we're at the Comic Con, I point 'em out from time to time
Speaking of time, me and my mom been gettin' closer
Either I took her for granted or didn't know her
Or is it, I'm getting older?
Or is it, Lucas finally turning into Yoda?
Only new beginnings, no such thing as over
We should have just stayed friends
That never opened up or needed closure (God)
Give me directions like Noah
I don't know some hopeless romantic shit
But I can't wait to see Ye get back with HOVA
Look bitch, this the new chain of command (Bitch)
Might bring the Pow chains back like me and Ye in Japan
Cudi back at it again, Push, yeah that's 'till the end, yeah
Just like it should have been
Nothing but that G.O.O.D. and the G around us
I knocked don the walls and my head free my mind up (Woah)
I didn't chase the game, ho, I helped redesign it, yeah
Goin' against us, you need logic, Muhammad
I'm so fuckin' conscious, that shit is my compass, yeah, yeah


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