Cleaners From Venus - No Go (For Louis Macneice) Lyrics

All we want is a hooded shirt and an ecstasy psychosis
A day return to Manchester, a pair of purple kickers
Never mind the records, get the t-shirts and the stickers
Johnny normal got a job, a mortgage, and a motor
Claimed his dad was Dylan and he came from Minnesota
Come the generation of smiling hippie tossers, who shave their beards and trim their hair, but fail to cut their losses
It's no go for limeade , It's no go the wagons
All we want is crystals, and our dungeons, and our dragons
Daron, Daron, Wayne, and Shane, Kiley, Kev, and Jason
Beat a blind man half to death with his own Alsatian
It's no go your arty films, it's no go your passion
All we want is a shopping mall and some pissy high-stream fashion
It's no go Pinocchio and goodnight Ronnie
So kiss goodbye with a lullaby and a story flavored Johnny
It's no go humility and no go our nation
What we've got is yuppy farm and superannuation
Sarah Septic lives in France and drives and Lamborghini
Saves her whales with metaphors and claims that she's a greeny
Old McDonald had a farm, then he had another, then he had another, and another, and another
It's no go the hospital it's no go education
All we want is a line of wiz on Piccadilly station
It's no go takini, it's no go Lacoste
I try to tell the sissy southern bastards that they've lost
It's no go the poll tax, it's no go registration
All we want is a summons and a year or two probation
Jimi Hendrix in the lounge Nico in the kitchen
Brian Jones the rolling stone coming down and itching
There you see virginity face down in the river
Write yourself a get-well-soon and send it to your liver
It's no go my angel breath, It's no go my dog star
All they want is forty quid to see some dodgy rockstar
They'll package up rebellion, like a pot of clotted cream, and they'll sell it back for twice the price and nullify the dream
And all your friends and lovers, and the places that you knew
You'll wonder what became of them and what became of you
It's no go my moony rose, It's no go tomorrow
All we are are tiny blimps in a data bank called sorrow